Software production

Software architecture

plumDesign provides planning, architecture and production of the software solutions based on problem analysis with understanding fundamental operational and functional needs of the customer and solution synthesis complementary with carefully chosen technology

Software solutions are being developed according to the demands and needs of the customer in the boundaries of the optimal solution range criteria:

  • Minimal programing expenses (optimizing nuber of programmer hours)
  • Maximum program efficiency (optimal hardware usage)
  • Modular program structuring
  • High flexibility in all stages of software development

Optimal flexibility

Software solutions flexibility is the primary goal in the process of the planning and production. All software comonents, logic and functionalities are connected into sustainable structure. This makes possible developments and new technologies implementation in rational financial and timespan boundaries.

We do not expect the problem solution from the client. We need precise goals and active client involvement in all project phases. This approach result in high rate of project sucessful execution.


Interface does matter

plumDesign focus attention on the architecture and design of the human interfaces. Right choice of information and their clear and clean overview result in the unique pleasent user experience while the efficiency of the communication increases and human error rate is reduced

plum(x) interfaces also include connectivity to the incomatible inforamtion business systems (mostly ERP) through sophisticated, flexible and secure connectors with standard APIs.