plumDesign team provides quick, efficient and precise professional technical support to customers to maintain reliable service of the servers, e-mail services and plum(x) software functions and dedicated software solutions produced in our company. Technical support is available workdays from 9AM to 4PM. Urgency support is available 24/7 365 days.

plumDesign also provides support and training for plum(x)



E mail service is robust and reliable system. The servers we use rarely suffers the problems and malfunctions and we do our best to resolve them in shortest time span. Every day we asr facing the problems with spam messages that are mostly erased with carefully configured spam filter software. As soon as you notice the mail service failure or unexpected behaviour please contact technical support.


plum(x) support

plum(x) technical support is provided for resolving the problems in software runtime, help in program usage, data, processing, input or output.